We work hard, so understanding becomes easy.

“We strive for nothing less than excellence. Our clients are the key focus in every project. We love what we do, are passionate about helping clients achieve their goals, and commit our efforts tirelessly, all the time, every time.”


bulbIt’s more than gadgets and pretty pixels. We want to help you create a succinct and coherent vision.

Our mission is simple – to develop cutting edge solutions that convert into easy to use systems. From full-fledged Ecommerce, news & events, booking systems, to custom solutions.

Visitors to your site or service should not need a degree in computer science – let sanhaus help you deliver something fantastic.


By using a collaborative approach, ideas are explored, filtered, distilled, and built upon.

Today’s reality is a very different place compared to a few years ago. Together we will create a solution that is fresh, innovative, and scalable.

We utilize a true-to-form “team effort” philosophy – your problem is our puzzle, and we love solving puzzles.

Project Scope

Vision / Planning
Testing / Deployment


We collaborate with outstanding clients and help solve interesting problems.

⊙ Remerinc
⊙ Clarion Safety Systems
⊙ Gallagher & Gallagher
⊙ Microsoft
⊙ Filter Digital
⊙ The Smart Department
⊙ United States GSA
⊙ Rent Notice Servers

⊙ MG Neely Auction
⊙ Tek Graphic Solutions
⊙ Pet Supplies Plus
⊙ Stridelight
⊙ WhiteHOT Design Inc
⊙ Five Star Framing Center
⊙ Sunshine Station Early Learning Center
⊙ Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

⊙ The Stridelight
⊙ The BOX
⊙ ConAgra Foods
⊙ IMET Corporation
⊙ Definitive Design
⊙ Saker Aviation
⊙ Premier Printing Solutions
⊙ SPI Pharma